Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Signs that there is something wrong with your PC

See if your computer has already caught some cyber - "flu."

No Display in Monitor.
The common problem with a monitor is when you can't see any images even if the CPU is turned on. Double check if you have properly connected all the the plugs and wires of your monitor. If you have properly connected all the wires and plugs, try using another monitor and see if anything shows. And if the other monitor works, then, your monitor is broken. Better replace your monitor than have them repaired.

However, if there is still no display in the other monitor, there could be a problem in your video card. Before replacing it, you may want to check if your video card is installed properly on the motherboard. There might also be a problem in your memory card (RAM) or with your hard disk. There are beeps you will hear when you turn on your PC that will determine if your memory card or hard disk has no problem. Check the manual of your PC for the guidelines.

Power Problem.
Your computer won't turn on, even if it is plugged to an electrical outlet, then, there must be a problem in your PC's power supply. Another indication of ailing power supply is that it restarts the computer without any warning.

Check the metal box located in the top and back your PC, held in by screws and connected to the power cable. You can disconnect the power supply from the computer by yourself to save time and money instead of getting a technician to do this. Study where the wires are connected and disconnect all the wires from the power supply. Take the power supply to a computer shop and find a replacement, then, reinstall the power supply and the wires connected to it.

Blue Screen.
A blue screen appears in your monitor with several texts, including the text that says physical dumping of memory, there might be a problem in your memory card (RAM).

Take note of the messages on the screen and you can browse the internet for possible solutions to the problem. Defrag your computer regularly and perform reformat in your PC to lessen the possiblity of occurring of this problem.

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